Building a Life Worth Living — The ADBTA Blog

This week one of our senior therapists, Sarah Chalmers, shared a blog that helped, intrigued, and gave some valuable insight. Below is Sarah's thoughts and favorite quotes.

"No Longer Wanting to Die" by Will Lippincott, an article about his experience with life long depression and how DBT helped him learn to tolerate and regulate painful emotions that before DBT were causing him to feel hopeless and want to die. He explains how DBT gave him skills that over time helped him build a life worth living. 

Quotes from the article that stood out to me:

"And as imperfect as my D.B.T. practice was early on, I found that just taking anxiety down a degree or two gave me a measure of control over my decision making in the presence of intense emotion. The lesson was profound. I couldn’t eliminate anxiety from my life, but I could learn how to tolerate it, and cope without making the situation worse."

"The time needed to learn D.B.T. can feel impossibly huge, especially for those of us who despair that change can’t come fast enough to save our lives. Yet, by empowering me to make the next minute or hour better than the one before it, in even the slightest, most incremental way, this therapy kindles hope. Better hours become better days, and several years on I’ve discovered my own resilience.

Now I am able and willing to fully participate in life, ready to experience its joy and pain equally as I reach for my long-term goals."

"Suicide rates in the United States are at a shocking 25-year high. They spike in the spring, for reasons not entirely clear. But depression is treatable, and suicide is preventable. Don’t lose hope. You are not alone. I, too, once firmly believed that I was broken beyond repair — but I was wrong."